Benefits Of Cognos 10 And TMI Solutions Software In Business

The tm1 solutions for businesses today face lots of planning and management issues in different areas like finance, accounting, sales, forecasts, and so on and so forth. The technological advancements and frequently changing marketplace have made it inevitable for the companies to be well equipped with all the advanced tools to stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits of Cognos 10IBM has been continuously developing the business solutions software for all the critical areas. Two of them are Cognos 10 (for Business Intelligence) and tm1 solutions (for Corporate Planning). Here, I have mentioned the benefits of these two software programs as an integral part of the Performance Management Solution for your company.

IBM Cognos 10 is business intelligence (BI) software that gives a new dimension to the ways you have been thinking and working to increase your business’s output. It helps you in more productive decision making, resource allocation, anticipation and forecasting for future developments.

Some tm1 solutions key benefits are:

– Useful query and reporting, leading to smarter decisions
– Robust analytics to gain more significant insights into the market’s trends, weak areas, opportunities and threats
-Efficient Scorecarding, enabling successful linking of strategies and operations
-High-quality Dashboarding to measure, manage and monitor corporate performance
-Round the clock monitoring and delivery of relevant BI information
-Special programs focusing on forecasting, budgeting and analysis
-Simple methods to extend BI to a broader audience
-Collaborative and stronger team effort to stimulate better decisions

Cognos 10 can help you in exploring all the relevant data, in any possible combination, at any time to lead you towards an advanced Corporate Performance Management.

Benefits of TM1

IBM Cognos tm1 solutions is the software that helps you in the radical Corporate Planning. You can create useful forecasting, analysis, budgeting and profitability models for your organization. It integrates forecasting and profitability analysis with planning to bring out the best possible output (more profits, effective Capital Management, etc.). Some key benefits are –

-Personalized analytics workspace combining analysis, planning, reporting and dashboarding – all in a single user interface
– Secure development of planning and forecasting solutions followed by effective deployment of the same
-Patented, multi-dimensional, 64-bit OLAP engine (in-memory) for enhancing the scalability of the enterprise
-One can choose from different interfaces like Microsoft Excel, Cognos TMI Contributor, Cognos TM1 Web and Cognos Insight (for the users not using the Excel)
-Accommodates several work styles
-Integrates with a Cognos BI software (Cognos 10) for a single, stable platform where data is consolidated from various sources
-Choose from centralized or distributed planning systems for a higher number of interactions and users
-Complete Unicode support accommodating string lengths exceeding 255 characters
-Language support for simplified Chinese and Japanese

The advanced features and benefits of Cognos tm1 solutions help companies to become more adaptive and collaborative to changing demands of the market. Integrating all the central departments of the organization like Marketing, Sales and HR to analyze planning and explore alternative solutions is the objective of this tool.

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