Man City footballer becomes advisor at emerging VR company

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the newest frontier of information technology that seeks to create and introduce virtual worlds into an everyday sphere of our lives. These seek to rearrange the way we learn, entertain ourselves, play games and even some platforms mimic the real world with even economic activity blossoming on the virtual level.

Rizzel a pioneer VR company‌ ‌ has hired as an advisor, footballing Star, and skipper of Manchester city football club Vincent Kompany. His role in an advisory status is to help create a manual that will be used by trainers and footballers alike in re-programming players who have been out of play due to injuries or other reasons as well as sharpening the minds of those still at play by using data gathered to recreate real and imagined scenarios geared towards that effort.

The technology consists of a headset, shin pads sensors, and trainers with the aim being to recreate real-life play scenarios without the added weight of a ball. The player is able to see and recreate a move and analyze what could have been done better thus proving his response if such a situation presents itself in the field of play. With photographic memory taking a huge chunk of our brains this training method is bound to be advantageous as it will sharpen reactions to those that have access to the technology.

The approach is already creating waves with some top clubs in the Premiership already having bought and installed the technology. ManchesterUnited academy and Bristol City football club are just some of the teams that advocate for the use of this cutting-edge technology.

Vincent Kompany career at City has been blighted by a history in injury lay off and as such he is a perfect candidate in development of this virtual reality technology. His role as an advisor is to fine-tune and input his prowess as the Captain of one of the premierships top teams to make the technology not only relevant but able to accomplish the purpose that it has been designed for. He was very ecstatic about the abilities of the system and what it is capable of accomplishing especially for those players that are injured and on the bench. It has been observed that it takes a few games before returnees to the game can properly acclimatize to the pitch and perform at levels that they used to prior to their injuries. Virtual reality will bridge the gap by ensuring that the mental sharpness doesn’t fade due to the days spent off a pitch and reduce the learning curve back into the field of play. He also expressed his thoughts on future training terming the technology as the future of training and development in the football world.

The world is constantly evolving and everyone seeking for that competitive advantage that will boost their performance under extraordinary circumstances and this kit will be a game changer in the near future. As the digital world catches up with the real world it’s only a matter of time before all aspects that were normal in the real world become more and more digitalized to improve on performance. Truly the future belongs to those who have the audacity to dream, the will to engineer those dreams and the courage to implement and turn those dream into a reality.

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