Things to Consider When Buying Biothane

What is Biothane?

Biothane is the brand name of artificial leather products. It is a popular vegan free substitute to leather, which aims to drive out materials such as plastic and leather, as they have negative impacts on the environment, due to how they are made. Therefore, buying Biothane products has a positive impact on the environment as they are made from a polyester webbing, which is 100% toxic free, and has a long-lasting lifetime.

Biothane is a popular source of material used in dog leads and horse equipment, such as harnesses. This is due to biothane being extremely easy to clean, which means after a long muddy walk or horse ride it can be cleaned simply, using soap or a cloth. Biothane products are also becoming more popular, due to how sturdy they are. This is due to them being sturdier and more durable than other materials such as leather and rope which are other popular materials used to make dog leads and harnesses. This therefore means that if you buy Biothane it will outlast other materials life time, as a result this will have a positive impact on the environment, as well as saving you money.

If you compare a Biothane collar to a PVC collar it is very easy to notice the differences. Biothane is considerably softer, as well as being more flexible. This means that whilst dog owners are on their walk, they will have a comfortable grip on the lead, making it easy for them to control their pet, without their hand hurting and preventing them from hurting their dogs’ neck, due to the soft material. The collars and leads are excellent for dog training, walking, running, hiking and even hunting, due to biothanes non allergic and skin friendly material. Biothane leads and collars are also very portable, so you can put them in your pocket or bag very easily, whilst continuing with your activities. Thus, shows that a biothane product would be a great gift for dog owners. This therefore shows why biothane is becoming so popular.

Biothane products are also offered in multiple colours, such as black, blue and green, just to name a few. Biothane also make products for cats. This means that cat owners will also be able to provide their furry companion with a highly durable long-lasting product.  Due to the quality of material, range of products and the colours available this therefore shows why biothane is becoming so popular and is why you should purchase biothane material too.

If you’re in the UK and want to buy biothane products for your pets Abbey England is the UKs official distributor of biothane. They have supplied more than 900 customers, with Biothane products and have over 300 products on sale, showing that they are a reliable and trusted company when it comes to selling biothane. Therefore, they would be a great place to bulk buy biothane products or buy singular pieces.


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